Why the React Native App Development Suits 2020 Trends?

On average, people check their smartphone 150 to 200 times a day.” 

As we get more and more inclined towards the digital age, one of the most successful and growing technologies is mobile app development. 

No matter how small, medium or big your business is, solely having the web presence will not be sufficient for the growth of your business. 90% of online activities are shifting to mobile devices. It’s time to get some APPeal.

Therefore, a mobile application has become a treasured marketing tool for businesses to succeed in the industry. If you want to sell, provide service or offer additional information to your valuable customers, a mobile application is the technique.

Before you brainstorm what type of app you want and how it will function, it is significant to figure out which technology will serve your needs the best. There are different frameworks and programming languages that are widely used for cross-platform app development. The primary one is React Native.

This is one of the best cross-platform app development technologies and is the most preferred option. It is an open-source, JavaScript-based framework that can be used to create an app for platforms such as Android, iOS, and Windows.

Why choose React Native to build apps in 2020?

React Native is a progressive technology that comes with both traditional and modern methods of hybrid Mobile app development. In this section, we are going to state down the reasons why React Native is the most worthy.

Code Reusability

Developers can save their precious time with React Native as the code is reusable. The same code can be reused for web applications. This reduces the development time and escalates the process of the app launch. 

Supports The Plug-ins

It supports the third-party plugins since it comes with native and JavaScript modules. One can use the maximum number of third party plugins in their application without any difficulty. 

Offers Stability

The React Native is known for its data binding process. This increases the effectiveness and reliability of the application. If any changes are required, rectification is done first and then the updating part takes place.

Wide Range Of UI

Since React Native is an open-source cross-platform app development framework, developers share their structures and code in the network. The codes and designs can be reused and customized by anybody. All in all, React Native provides creative and responsive designs and reduces the loading time.

Easy Transition From A Website To Mobile App

It interfaces are explicitly interfaced with the intuitive code and fragmented modules that make the process of transition from a website to a mobile app easier.

A Tool Of The Long Run

React Native as a framework for developing cross-platform apps is growing day-by-day. The services are going to be used for years to come. It enables the developers to build high-performance applications without compromising on quality and robustness.

What’s new in React Native in 2020?

The framework is the favorite of developers. Now, it has rolled out several updates that have added glory to its already esteemed reputation. Continue to know about them.

Better Accessibility 

The latest release comes with several changes that improve the accessibility for both iOS and Android. These include: 

  1. Updated accessibility state API for superior web support
  2. Addition of missing accessibility roles like on Click callback 
  3. Support of iOS accessibility flags and reduce motion in Apple’s operating system
  4. Support of Accessibility Info announce For Accessibility in Android’s OS

A New Start Screen 

The new app screen is quite user-friendly. The UI allows for smooth-running of information offering users with requisite instructions in a simpler manner. The instructions include the starting of the debug menu, links to the documentation and editing App.js library.

Fast Refresh 

The main highlight of the latest React Native updates is quick to refresh. The feature gives you immediate feedback on the changes you make in the React components. This feature has combined both the ‘Live Reload’ and ‘Hot Reload’ to give Fast Refresh. It can be accessed from the React Native developer menu and stays turned on by default.


React Native is a hype technology that combines the qualities of both hybrid and native frameworks. This makes it a smart choice for mobile app development. 

To conclude, with major selling points such as enhanced user interface, code reusability, faster, cross-platform compatibility and much more, React Native becomes a promising solution for the businesses. 

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