How to Integrate Online and Offline Marketing to Grow Your Business

The best way to promote a brand is to work out a successful marketing strategy. In today’s world, many entrepreneurs and marketing specialists acknowledge only the power of digital advertisement. It’s hardly possible to deny its effectiveness. Nonetheless, brands shouldn’t avoid offline tools. They help to reach customers in the real world. So, the need for both digital and offline marketing strategies emerge. What is online and offline marketing integration? It means promotional activities via all channels. Here is how to find a balance and successfully implement omnichannel marketing techniques.

How to Find a Balance Between online and offline marketing?

To grow your business, you have to find a balance while using offline and online marketing methods. Here are some tips to consider:

·         Combine Online and Offline Events

To reach more people, you can promote your coming event, both online and offline. Moreover, you can set up online contests and reward winners during the event. If you manage to reach many people online, they are likely to spread a word about you when the event finishes. It means even wider reach. 

·         Use QR Codes

QR codes are basically a manifestation of online and offline combination. They lead clients to your social media accounts, website, or allow them to pay for services fast and easy. You can also use them to give discounts or for special promos.

·         Promote Online Channels Offline

Your website and social media are your face in the digital world. You can promote them offline as well. Provide data on business cards, flyers, banners, etc. Many people will start to follow you or visit your website to learn more information.

·         Acquire a Branded Mobile App

People don’t leave a house with a smartphone. Therefore, a mobile app is a must today. It’s a good way to launch a loyalty program, send offers, or even provide an opportunity for shopping.

·         Promote Hashtags

Hashtags help to promote your brand, product, store, or event online. That’s why it’s a good idea to present them offline for customers to use them while posting on social media.

·         Stay Consistent

Consistent branding is key to successful promotion. In fact, consistent brand presentation increases revenue by up to 23%, some research claims. This involves everything from visuals and product design to a communication strategy. 

·         Match Keywords

It’s better to use the same keywords in digital ads, as well as print ads. This way, your marketing campaign will remain consistent. People will notice similarities and recognize you both online and offline. 

·         Advertise Online and Offline

There is no need to invest in digital ads only. People go outside the house. That’s why you have to divide the advertisement budget and adopt both digital and traditional banners. The latter are easy to create. You can find some inspiration on manufacturer’s sites like Fortuna Visual Group.

The integration of online and offline marketing strategies is a sure way to develop a performing marketing campaign. Do you promote your brand in the real and digital world?

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