DJI File Recovery: Recover Videos and Photos from DJI

Want to Recover Videos and Photos from DJI?

Crewless aerial vehicles, which are also known as drones, are trendy all over the world nowadays. DJI is a very famous brand. Users can use a DJI drone to take photos and videos when it is flying.

Usually, the videos and photos were taken by a DJI drone save to the inserted SD card. When some accidents happen, users may lose the files in the SD card. For example, users may delete videos and photos in the SD card by mistake. The SD card can be corrupted or damaged for some unknown reason.

No matter which situation happens, users want to recover videos from DJI drones. They can try this data recovery software: MiniTool Power Data Recovery.

It is a program designed to rescue various kinds of files from computer hard drives, SD cards, memory cards, and more. It has a trial edition. Users can use this free software to check whether it can find the videos and photos they want to recover. Users can go to the MiniTool authorized website to get this software by themselves.

DJI also produces some series of camcorders. The videos and photos took by these devices, also reserved in an SD card. Likewise, the data loss issue can also happen to DJI camcorders. If users want to recover photos from DJI camcorder, they can also use this MiniTool data recovery software.

In the following part, users can get a guide on how to recover files from DJI using MiniTool.

How to Perform a File Recovery via MiniTool?

After downloading and installing MiniTool Power Data Recovery on the computer, users can follow this guide to do the job:

1. Remove the SD card from the DJI drone or camcorder and insert it into a card reader.

2. Connect the card reader to the computer.

3. Open MiniTool Power Data Recovery.

4. Users can directly enter the This PC interface. They can see that the target SD card displayed in the interface. If not, they can click the Refresh button to make the software recognize the SD card.

5. Users can select the target SD card and then press the Scan button to start the scanning process.


6. It takes some minutes to complete the whole scanning process. Users need to wait patiently until the entire process ends. Then, they can see the scan results as follows.


Users can see that the path by default displays the scan results. Users can click each path to open it and then view the items in that path to find the needed files.

Besides, users can also use the Type feature to find the desired files by the type and the Find feature to find the needed file by the name.

7. If users discover that this software can find the files they want to recover, they can upgrade this software to a full edition and then use it to recover all the needed files without limits.

This method specially used for recusing the files that are deleted or inaccessible in the SD card of DJI drones and camcorders. If the DJI device itself is lost, what users should do to get the lost data back? Users can export DJI flight records via DJI GO.

How to Export DJI Flight Records?

This method only works when:

  • The DJI Go app is at work when the uncrewed aerial vehicle is working.
  • The video cache option is enabled.
  • The phone or tablet has enough space to keep the flight records

If users are using an Android phone or tablet, they can follow these steps to do the job:

1. Link the Android device to the computer via a USB cable.

2. Select File transfers for USB on the Android device.

3. Open File Explorer on PC and go to find the target phone.

4. Double-click on the phone to open it and then go to Internal Storage.

5. Go to /sd card/DJI/dji.go.v4/FlightRecord and then copy the DJI flight records to the computer.

If users are using an iOS device, they can follow these steps to do the job:

1. Install the latest version of iTunes on PC.

2. Connect the iOS device to the computer using a USB cable.

3. Open iTunes.

4. Click the Phone icon that is on the left side of the iTunes screen.

5. Click File Sharing on the left menu and then select the DJI GO app.

6. Select the FlightRecords folder and save it to PC.


Both of these two solutions can help users get the lost DJI videos and photos back. Users can just select a suitable solution to perform a DJI file recovery based on their actual situation.

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